Relevancy Marketing

Advertising is primarily about awareness as it creates brand breadth and establishes:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What makes you better
  • How to get a hold of you
  • How much you cost

But, what if this knowledge pre-exists?

Relevancy, on the other hand, is about brand depth and why you matter.  It’s about being a leader in the eyes of your customers, prospects and peers.  It’s about getting more business than your competitors.  It’s about expansion.  It’s about solidifying your customer base.  It’s about affirming future success.

Relevancy marketing explains where the broader category is going and your role in it.  The more you are perceived to know about the issues and opportunities facing the category, the more people believe you know how to capitalize on them.

Relevancy creates unfair competitive advantage – but isn’t that the point!?