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It’s NOT about Content
by Andy
January 7, 2015

Over the last few years, there’s been a growing commitment to content and thought leadership. Why? Because today’s communications outlets have drastically changed due to media bifurcation. While audience size has stayed relatively constant, media channels have exploded. Appointment TV no longer exists. Radio shows can be streamed to your phone, tablet, laptop or TV. There are 10 sports cable shows available at any given time. And if all these options are not meeting your needs, you can surf to find what you’re looking for.

Insight #1. You can surf to find what you’re looking for.

That’s key in today’s growing communications dilemma. You no longer control when your messages are consumed, your target does. In B2B, where time crunches and deadlines make it even harder to notice all the messages, this is even truer. Yet businesses need this information to make better, more informed decisions. Rather than page through trade journals to see if anyone is saying something of interest, folks simply Google for what they believe they need or search a select few trade channels they trust. This greatly speeds their information-gathering efforts.

Here’s the trick. They’re not entirely sure what they need because the issue they face is new (they know how to solve the old problems). But when new problems emerge or market conditions change, they first need advice to help them understand the nature of the issue before they can determine the best solution for it. Only then do they become buyers.

Insight #2. Until they understand the depth of the problem, they cannot make a smart decision on how to solve it.  

Time-crunched business leaders don’t have time to review every option out there. Rather, they limit their search to those that seem to know what they’re talking about. Unknown players are at a great disadvantage because prospective buyers do not have time to determine their expertise or capabilities. Only those that appear informed, current and smart make the shortlist as they appear most relevant to their needs.

Insight #3. Relevance drives B2B preference.

Thought leadership and content are the buzzwords of today — and for good reason as it drives Google rankings and market preference. Much like digital and traditional advertising (print, radio, TV, web, etc.) drives B2C awareness; thought leadership (blogs, speeches, content, etc.) drives B2B relevance. The more relevant you are, the more perceived value you possess.


The objective is not content or thought leadership – so don’t get caught up in all that as it can get very confusing (what should I do, when, what to say, etc.). Rather, the objective is relevance. Once you fully understand the value of relevance, the methods by which you create it become your communications plan. And don’t take part in every conversation all the time. Rather, lead the conversations you want to own and build your plan accordingly. You will be found.

As the Most Interesting Man in the B2B World would say, “Stay Relevant my Friends.”

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  1. Great insights. Decisions are absolutely influenced by relevance of information, which is transformed to a perception of thought leadership. In the era of content glut, relevance is the differentiator that will lift a particular message well above the noise.

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