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Ashton Kutcher
by Andy
September 25, 2013

It’s amazing where and how opportunity can be found and leveraged.  While most Hollywood actors seem dependent on their next film or sitcom to boost their Q scores and bank accounts, Ashton Kutcher waits for nothing.

Starring in or producing TV shows and movies (That 70’s Show, Punk’d, Two and a Half Men, Jobs, many others) is just part of his expertise.  He’s also a co-founder of A-Grade Investments, which has invested in such companies as Skype, Spotify, Airb2b, Foursquare and others.  He has over 15 million followers on Twitter (and the first to ever get to 1 million).  He is co-founder of Katalyst, a media company creating original content, and in 2010 was named one of the year’s Top 50 Most Inspiring Innovators by Ad Age and one of Fast Company Magazine’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies.

Clearly, Ashton is not standing still nor basking in his celebrity.  Rather, he works hard to stay on the forefront within every sector in which he competes.  He’s driving opportunity for him, for his brand, and for his companies.

I bring all this up because I was taken by a comment Ted Cruz mentioned during a brief clip I happened to see while he was filibustering Obamacare on the Senate floor.  Sen. Cruz mentioned that Ashton recently received an honor from the Teen Choice Awards and during his acceptance he gave a very insightful chat.  While the link is below, his comments can be summarized by these three points:

  1. Opportunities look a lot like work.  The more you work, the more opportunities will arise.
  2. The sexiest are those who are smart, thoughtful and generous.  The rest is crap.
  3. Build the life you want live, don’t just live your life.

 The good stuff starts around 1:45.

Those who wait around for opportunity to find them will often wait a very, very long time.  Unless you’re out there and influencing the market, you’re following the lead of others and are under their influence.  This is the value of relevancy.  The more the market believes you to be current, knowledgeable and committed to your own success and the success of the market, the more people will want to work with you – on your terms.

And start living!

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  1. VERY interesting piece! I’d known about Kutcher’s “side” projects for a while, but this really crystallized how his acting has really become a secondary endeavor, and the comments in his acceptance speech show him to be very intelligent and thoughtful as well.

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